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Welcome We Are AB Design

At AB DESIGN every project is a work of art, fusing functionality and aesthetic excellence. We value creativity and delight in designing buildings that make a statement. Why be mediocre if you could be magnificent?

From concept to completion, every step of the way is guided by 20+ years of expertise in the diverse field of building design. Located in the heart of Rockland County, NY.

Our Process

  • Share your vision of your upcoming project with us.
  • We sketch a plan, from foundation to alarm system wiring.
  • Our team ensures local zoning and fire laws are met. 
  • Presto! You get plans that surpass your expectations.

Every project we undertake becomes our own.
That means you can remove all concerns from your shoulders and place them on ours.

  • Will that room be stuffy without windows?
  • Is an extra exit necessary?
  • What’s the best spot for that phone jack?

Fascinating Facts


Urgent care centers

Schools and Yeshivas

Residential units

Our featured Works

New Square Shul

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“As the ‘captain’ responsible for building the largest synagogue on the American continent, my toughest decision was choosing the architectural designer. I can b”H confidently say: Gabriel, you superseded above and beyond every expectation!” – Ari Goldklang

Summit Senior Housing

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“You need to give thought and consideration to the needs of the elderly when building senior homes – and it all starts with wise, appropriate design. I am glad I chose Gabe and his professional team at AB Design to deliver a perfect project!” –Michael Tauber

Aim B’yisrael

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“Combining a luxury 5-star hotel with the highest standard health care facility for newborns and their mothers is Aim B’Yisrael’s specialty. The design cannot be trusted to just anyone. Mr. Einhorn – you were the perfect choice!” –Avigdor Ostreicher